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Curs de Tècnic de Nivell I

Classes on-line a partir de l'1 d'octubre al 5 de novembre (dissabte matí). Examen presencial.


Final de la Copa Catalana 2022

El dia 25 de setembre se cel·lebrarà la Final de Copa Catalana a la localitat d'Almenar (Lleida).  

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XVIII Circuit Català d'Oberts Internacionals d'Escacs

Pàgina web Circuit Català


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Catalan Chess Federation (FCdE) organizes an online chess tournament in order to collaborate with charity campaign #YoMeCorono, which is working to come up with a response to the coronavirus.


For this reasons, FCdE has organized an online solidarity chess tournament, which will be played next 25th of April at 11:30h (CET time) on lichess platform. Tournament is open for EVERYONE and for ALL LEVELS. So, if you know how to move the pieces on the board: DON’T LOSE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO PLAY AND SIGN IN!

After a great succes of participation in Catalonia online Junior Championship, with more than 500 players, 60 teams in Catalonia Teams Club Championship and the increasing activity of online chess around the world; Catalan Chess Federation has decided to join and support this solidarity tourament in which you can play from home with the only need of a computer, Tablet or Smartphone.



It is very easy to participate in this solidarity chess tournament, you only have to follow the next steps:

  1. First go to the website #YoMeCorono and make a minimum contribution of 5€.
  2. Once you have made your donation you will receive a receipt: Take a screenshot in jpg or print the pdf.
  3. Send this reciept to Catalan Chess Federation (FCdE) attached with your registration in next application form.
  4. The day of the tournament (25th), before it starts, you will receive an email with the link and the password with which you can access to the tournament.
  5. If you don’t have a lichess account, you can creat a new one FREE on


Did you know…? Pawn, the chess piece with less value, is a magic piece.

If the pawn dodges all the difficulties that are in its way during the game and is able to reach the other side of the board, it becomes a powerful queen, the most valuable piece. In chess, this metamorphosis is called promotion. If all of us, little pawns, we come together and we can reach the end of the road becoming ladies, we can win this battle.


Promote your pawn, take part on this chess online tournament #yomecorono

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